The anchors are our youngest section. They are led by our Captain, Teresa. Our sessions usually focus on lots of games, crafts and learning new skills


The juniors are the second youngest section. They are led by Mrs Glover. In an usual week our activities include lots of games, some marching and activities based on the five focus areas of body, mind, spirit, community and creativity.


Our company section is our second oldest section. Our evenings always have inspection, marching and band practice. We will encourage the boys to try and take more of a decision in the activities will they do, but we will also plan activities to help develop into well rounded adults.


Our seniors are our oldest section. They meet at the same time as the Company section and generally the activities are shared. The Seniors are encouraged to come with what they want in their program (such as deciding to create this website) and also encouraged to help with the running of Anchor and Junior sections.