What We Do

We participate in many activities throughout our evenings and events:


Games are a huge part of our nights throughout the sections as we always try make the boys leave tired out! We feel that it promotes good health, good teamsmanship, a positive sense of competition as well as lots of fun!


Marching is strongly entrenched in the Boys' Brigade history. We continue this practice as we have seen it strengthens skills such as working as a team and being able to follow instructions.


Thanks to the skills of our officers our boys spend a lot of the time in the kitchen cooking in the kitchen. Our older boys especially enjoy these activities!

Walks and Orienteering

We enjoy doing walks in the surrounding areas and trying to learn something new whle we do them. Previous locations have been a 'Bat Walk' at Stanton Park, Lechlade and Nightingale Woods.


The bugle and drum band is the pride of our company as there is a dwindling number of companies that have a band. Our band is made up of the older Juniors, Company Boys, Seniors and officers.


Inspection is another tradition that we continue throughout our sections. It promotes good hygiene and pride in appearance.


Every year the battalion (a group of BB companies) we are a part of holds camps for the juniors and for the company and seniors. Our boys who go always really enjoy the experiences they receive from the camps and the friendships they make.


A parade is where we attend a church service at St Margaret's as a boys' brigade and parade our Colours. We also attend battalion parades where we march along the street following the battalion bugle band.